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博藝體運有限公司 | Spotlight Enterprises Limited


About SEL

Established in 1989 and having been serving 10 millions of local citizens Spotlight Enterprises Limited (SEL) has grown into one of the most reputable local facility management operators. SEL has been serving numerous government departments and is currently managing more than 20 government recreational and leisure sites which are located all over Hong Kong. It has also been engaging itself in the facility management projects in the private sector recently. SEL has taken down numerous management contracts of the MTR clubhouses, schools and commercial buildings.

SEL’s management team is dedicated to enhance the potential of our client’s properties and is each responsible to follow up the rental, promotion and maintenance of the building. SEL provides is best known for its all rounded services, including security service, cleansing service, maintenance, pool management and catering service.

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Managed Property

Certificate of Appreciation


Police Officers' Club

I write to express our heartfelt appreciation to your team members in rectifying the affected equipment on the stage of the Theater due to the accidental breakdown of drencher system at our venue.

April 2015

Clients List

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