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Business purpose and mission

Having been established for 30 years, Spotlight Enterprises Limited (SEL) as a facility management company, the management team comprises with adventurous, energetic and diligent people who aim to meet clients’ need and provide different kind of value-added services. They have all acquired experience in managing venues of both the private and public sectors.
SEL values the relationship with our staff and is committed to providing its staff members with comprehensive welfare and an ideal work environment. As a company which serves over 10 million people per year, SEL concerns about the mental health and takes into accounts of employees' personal needs, values, balance between work and life and implementing flexible work arrangements and family-friendly measures.
Apart from focusing on public service, SEL also concerns on making contribution to the society. SEL strives to enhance the employment opportunities of persons with disabilities and create an inclusive workplace. SEL has set up a professional team to train the trainees with disabilities and help them to adapt to the work environment, overcome the difficulties and re-integrate into society through work. A volunteer team was established by SEL in 2017 and keep on encouraging the staff to participate in various community initiatives, they have the opportunity to serve others through the activities. As a server of 7 millions, SEL is the bridge that brings the NGOs and society together by holding the experiential volunteer work. By participating in the community initiatives with physically handicapped and able-bodied people, they can understand the needs of various sectors and bring positive impact to the society.

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